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 An Audio Engineer, Producer, and DJ based out of brooklyn, ny. Supertouch has dedicated his time and energy to music most of his life. HIS musical roots stem from one of the original pairings of punk rock and reggae; his father is the lead guitarist in the legendary punk band Bad Brains (Dr. Know.) At an early age, Supertouch began playing whatever instrument his father had laying around the house; among these many instruments were the drums, which Supertouch played in various bands over the course of several years.

supertouch is passionate about your sonic vision and creative ideas towards the mixing/production process. his goal is to make that vision come true and stand out in the competitive music industry.

After mixing & Producing for about 7 years in a studio environment supertouch decided in 2015, to open his own studio. 


Supertouch specializes in Mixing, Mastering, Artist Development, Music Production, vocal recording, vocal mixing, vocal arrangements, vocal production, tuning, & all other areas of mixing.



ARTISTs: H-d, Skyzoo, illmind, weather park, Deniro Farrar, RO RANSOM, Young Dirty, salmz, VICTORIA DENNIS, MATHES, Dolce Delux, asap press, Ash Riser, Whyyoungn, jdotlittles, Laon, keenan charles, King Z3us, Jewnique

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